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Peelable Coat

Urja Stripp-Coat is a water bnsed peelable coating can be applied on vanous surface for corrosion protectionand spill-scratch protection. This peelable coating is suitable for surfaces such as metal Jobs,Englnes,Automobiles,Glass. Aluminum, Steel, Wood, Bara-Metal, Painted surface and wherever protection of surface is required.


It is non-flammable temporary coatingthat can be easily removed without cleaning agents and cleaners It is acrylic co-polymers combination which gives best protection from corrosion due to water orwater vapor.


Designed as a fast-drying,temporary coating for parts and equipment. URJA-Stripp-Coat is resistant to sagging and running and it being waterbaso system environment friendly,URJA­ Stripp-Coat 1s a clear coalingthat can be tinted in a vanety of custom colours

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