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Copper Fittings

  • C Bend Copper Fittings

    Type : Bend Buttweld Fittings

    Condition : New

    Surface : Finish

    Copper Fittings : Copper

    Specification : applied to the stainless steel pipeline system

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    C Bend Copper Fittings


Cooling Pad


  • Dry Fog Humidifier

    Feature : Humidification timer.

    Packaging : Bulk

    Power Source : Electrical

    Color : White

    Packaging Type : Carton

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    Dry Fog Humidifier

Other Products

  • Air to Air Cross Flow Plate Heat Exchanger

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Application : Air Heating

    Color : Grey, Silver

    Voltage : 220V

    Condition : New

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    Air to Air Cross Flow Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Industrial Exhaust Fan

    Use : For Humidity Controlling

    Application : Industrial

    Color : Black, Brown

    Voltage : 110V

    Automatic Grade : Semi Automatic

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    Industrial Exhaust Fan

  • Energy Recovery Sensible Wheels
    The dehum energy recovery solution is installed with no interference and offers a rapid return on investment in as little as 9 months. A standard desiccant dehumidifier will use between 1.2 to 1.4kW of energy to remove 1kg of moisture from the air. In a typical existing installation, around 90% of

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    Energy Recovery Sensible Wheels

  • Evaporative Condenser

    Quote ref. : Zenco Quote

    Product Type : Evaporative Condenser

    Model no. : SEC 1050

    Type : Induced Draft

    No of Units : 03 No's.

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    Evaporative Condenser

  • Air Cooler

    Air Flow : 18000 CMH

    Cooling Area (sq.ft) : 2500 (Without Ducting)

    Air Pressure (P.A.) : 180

    Motor (V/HZ) : 380 to 415v / 5OHZ

    Power (kw) : 1.1

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    Air Cooler

  • Peelable Coat
    Urja Stripp-Coat is a water bnsed peelable coating can be applied on vanous surface for corrosion protectionand spill-scratch protection. This peelable coating is suitable for surfaces such as metal Jobs,Englnes,Automobiles,Glass. Aluminum, Steel, Wood, Bara-Metal, Painted surface and wherever

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    Peelable Coat

  • Exhaust Fan

    Use : For Humidity Controlling

    Application : Home, Hotel, Office, Restaurant

    Color : Black, Grey

    Voltage : 220V

    Automatic Grade : Semi Automatic

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    Exhaust Fan